Drake Mefestta Inks a Deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag to Launch His New Line Called RomeAntique ™

Drake Mefestta

Drake MefesttaWe are pleased to announce that Drake Mefestta has signed a deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag to Launch his New Line of Merchandise. It’s called RomeAntique ™ and it combines the themes of old world Gothic with clean cut definition, hard edged style, and Roman themes which take form drawing from Drake’s heritage’s roots. Drake Mefestta is a Musician, Model, Actor, Graphic Artist and is Represented by SGL Entertainment.

“As always, I look to create that which I have yet to see, including apparel. I design for the demands from those dissatisfied by the mundane, with quality at the core of every piece, able to stand the test of time as has the themes that inspire it.”
-Drake Mefestta

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